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those lips tho…

those lips tho…

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You are the thirst I cannot quench
and I crave you with all of my being.
Riddled with Withdrawals in Your Absence
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Introducing /, A Concrete Lamp You Create.

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tag you’re it…

I got tagged by aethericcontinua to post five facts about myself and then pass it on to ten other people, so here we go:

1.- if you follow my post you’d probably know i’ve got a “thing” for purple ink.

2.- i’ve got 2 notebooks full of notes on a novel i’ve been working on & every time i go back to it, it goes on a totally different direction hence i can’t ever finish the thing…i think it might be alive.

3.-patience is not my strong suit…heck i dont have an ounce of it ;p

4.-i still can’t decide which is better: coffee, tea, or whiskey :D

5.-despite my lack of patience, i enjoy people telling me random crap…seriously.

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